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H2O Concentration.

Here are new informations coming from our computations : a) the concentration of H2O in the atmosphere varies from 0.5% to 5% (according to the conditions and the position) b) a mean concentration of H2O equal to 2.75% means that ALL the liquid water of Earth has evaporated.

c) the mean concentration increases. d) since the concentration of ozone O3 increases, that could mean that Earth loses H molecules. e) hence 2.75% becomes an upper bound. f) oceans inflate because of the increase of global temperatures. However, there are no so much floods. That is a sign that evaporation is very important. g) clouds are going higher and higher in the atmosphere. h) most of the time clouds evaporate in the atmosphere without rain. i) it seems that "organic condensation" becomes rare. We only have most of the time "thermal condensations" like for storms. j) storms append when the differences of temperatures form a singularity. However temperatures become more and more uniform. h) that implies that rains become more and more rare. k) it becomes urgent to measure the global mean ratio : R=evaporation/rain .Is R>1 ? We are afraid that yes. l) another huge problem : Siberia with its super-volcano and the radioactive dumps that have been buried there ! S.I.G.L.E.

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